Possibly the Best Winter Running Shoe Ever: Asics Gel Fuji-Setsu Shoe Review

The Asics Gel Fuji Setsu is a game changer for running on icy and snowy trails as I often do all winter long but unfortunately it is about as common as clean winter air in UT. I couldn’t find any in this colorway for sale in the US and most of the pairs I did find were either in another country or old stock.



I ran in these for the first time yesterday. My run consisted of 6 miles on snow and ice and they performed fantastically. Good fit, if not a bit stiff but they are fresh out’ the box. In past winters I’ve done this version of the DIY ice running Screw Shoes which is nice because you can use any shoes that have enough tread. The downside is that midway through your run a screw may pop up through the sole and your run maybe become a bit more torturous than usual as happened to me 15 miles deep in cold, snowy woods.




Asics definitely did their research on optimal spike placement and I felt very secure running across a sheet of pure ice yesterday. The upper is strong and smooth although I did notice some water soaking in – past versions have included a Gore-Tex upper on this shoe although this model does not appear to have that.




Running downhill in these on packed snow single track was confidence inspiring to say the least. I’ll have to compare my splits but it felt like I was running the same section of trail quicker in these on the snow that non-snow runs. If you run frequently on snow or ice I highly recommend getting a dedicated show with spikes. If you don’t run on snow and ice because of not having the proper equipment either make a pair of screw shoes or try and find a pair of Asics Fuji-Setsus and you’ll be rewarded with miles of quiet, gorgeous solitary winter runs. Asics did their homework on this shoe and it shoes – well done.

6 thoughts on “Possibly the Best Winter Running Shoe Ever: Asics Gel Fuji-Setsu Shoe Review

  1. Just a word of caution, I found these in an asics store last week, and the heel cap is pinching the foot. In other words: don’t buy these online!

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