The Stupid Simple Innovation Every Running Shoe Needs

Ever notice a few miles into a run that one of your shoes is feeling a bit loose and then look down to see your shoe untied? Yep. How about starting your run with shoes that are double knotted only to have one of them slip free like Harry Houdini? It happens.

Which is why a veritable cottage industry has sprung up around this problem with products both creatively titled (“Squeezums”. I can’t make this up) and creatively engineered (elastic laces) not to mention youtube tutorials on sturdy nautical looking knots that would make any Eagle Scout’s Mom proud. The company “Boa” has created an entire business model with their elegantly designed lacing systems.

So the other day I reached down to tie my Asics Gel Fuji Setsu (reviewed here) and noticed something I had not seen before – a small pocket at the top of the tongue.
Honestly I kinda felt like Bilbo discovering the secret cave entrance to Smaug’s lair. Sure enough, it was a slightly stretchy neoprene-ish pocket to tuck your tied laces into. GENIUS! NOTE TO ASICS: PATENT THIS OR SOMETHING. NOTE TO SELF: PATENT THIS.

So on the last 5 runs I’ve simply tucked the tied laces into their cocoon and they have moved about as much as the Denver Bronco Offense in Superbowl XLVIII. C’mon running shoe companies: this is like vetoing sliced bread. Let’s tuck the floppy bunny ears in a safe place and probably save some tripping runners along the way by sewing some stretchy cloth at the top of running shoe tongues.


7 thoughts on “The Stupid Simple Innovation Every Running Shoe Needs

  1. This is lace pocket idea hasbeen around for quite some time. I own several pairs of adidas trail and outdoor shoes with this lace pocket. Some are over 5 years old…

  2. I have discovered this little hide away pocket on my Saucony Xodus 3.0
    I have mostly seen this feature on trail shoes.
    I have yet to see one on a road shoe.
    Would be nice to have them on all trail shoes. I’m not so worried about on road shoes.

  3. I have owned all 3 shoes, and my personal choice will have to be the Inov8′s. I have slightly more narrow feet than most, so these fit me perfectly. The Nano’s are a great, all around shoe, but they run pretty wide, which I don’t care for all that much.
    crossfit site

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