First look at Hoka’s cool new “Evo Race” running pack: Gear Review



The crazy geniuses at Hoka aren’t resting on the success of their shoes. They are releasing a new running pack in 2014 that is pretty sweet. I had a chance to take a quick look at the 2013 Austin Running Event and snap some photos.

The Hoka One One Race Pack carries the “EVO” line name, hinting that it will be good for off-road racing. It follows their branding w/ a large Hoka logo on the back and is made of light-weight nylon with a bit of padding on the straps… although probably less cushion than a single pair of their shoes!

It will come in 3 sizes (S, M, L) and features a storage capacity of up to 17 liters. It contains many large and small zippered pouches for storage and a unique stretch-mesh system inside to keep fluid or other items from jostling around inside.

Each strap near the waist is secured by a simple yet innovative buckle and velcro system that allows you to carry a 16 oz bottle on each side in addition to the hydration bladder pouch in the main compartment.


The front of the straps have magnetized pockets for holding various items as well as a zippered pocket and chest strap/whistle just in case you need to fly the white flag or bug the crap out of your running partner by whistling a single note rendition of the Eye of the Tiger.


While the running pack space is getting crowded with excellent designs by UltraSpire, Nathan, and Ultimate Direction I’m excited to try the Hoka Evo Race pack because of its light weight and innovative features.

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