Sneak Peak: 2014 Altra “Repetition” Rides On More Cushion

Altra Repetition 2014

As noted, Altra has big plans for 2014 and the “Repetition” is no exception. It is not set to be released until the end of this month but I was able to snap a pic and get permission to post a little bit about it before it comes out.

The Repetition follows the trend of more cushion and stability while maintaining light weight.

How Does it Stack up? Altra Vs Altra Vs Hoka

The Altra Repetition’s stack height definitely exceeds any of it’s current models. The following is comparison of a few current Altra Shoes as well as a few Hoka models:



Stack Height


Model Year




11.1 oz





8.6 oz


Lone Peak



9.9 oz


Bondi B

Hoka One One

29mm (heel)

24mm (forefoot)

10.8 oz


Stinson Evo

Hoka One One

32mm (heel)

26mm (forefoot)

12.2 oz


The Repetition’s 2mm increase over the Torin definitely provides more cushion and given its slighter taller stack height than the Bondi B puts is squarely in Hoka territory.

How Will It Feel? Probably Pretty Good

It looks like there is some variation in the Repetition’s Medial and Lateral stack height but it appears that the zero drop technology inherently will mean more cushioning distributed more evenly under the foot. I’ve put a lot of miles on Hoka’s “rocker” soles which I quite like but over time the forefoot of the sole began to feel a little thin to me.  It will be very interesting to compare the ride of the Repetition and durability of the sole. More cushion + wider toe box might just be the ticket and as soon as I can get my feet into a pair I’ll provide a more detailed review.

One thought on “Sneak Peak: 2014 Altra “Repetition” Rides On More Cushion

  1. Is this simply the “road” version of the Olympus? Also…the Olympus ship date appears to be on January 18th per the Altra website. Do you know the release date for the Repetition? Thanks!

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