Sneak Peak: 2014 Altra “Repetition” Rides On More Cushion

Altra Repetition 2014

As noted, Altra has big plans for 2014 and the “Repetition” is no exception. It is not set to be released until the end of this month but I was able to snap a pic and get permission to post a little bit about it before it comes out.
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First Look at 3 New 2014 Hoka One One Shoes From The Austin Running Event

Hoka One One is building on current buzz by releasing a number of 2014 models here on display at The Austin Running Event Trade Show. Three of the models coming out next year improve on their strong (and cushiony!) platform. Read on for a mini-shoe review.

2014 Hoka One One Evo Stinson ATR

Hoka One One 2014 Stinson ATA

The 2014 Stinson ATR has a completely redesigned upper that allowed Hoka to shave a full ounce from this mid-weight shoe.  This new upper appears to be mostly seamless with some additional structural/stabilization features in the heel area.  The tongue looks trimmed down and more comfortable as well while the tread of the shoe, although similar to the 2013 model appears to be a bit more sturdy and may be less likely to break down as some of complained about and as I have experienced.

2014 Hoka One One Bondi B3

2014 Bondi B3

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