First look at Hoka’s cool new “Evo Race” running pack: Gear Review



The crazy geniuses at Hoka aren’t resting on the success of their shoes. They are releasing a new running pack in 2014 that is pretty sweet. I had a chance to take a quick look at the 2013 Austin Running Event and snap some photos.

The Hoka One One Race Pack carries the “EVO” line name, hinting that it will be good for off-road racing. It follows their branding w/ a large Hoka logo on the back and is made of light-weight nylon with a bit of padding on the straps… although probably less cushion than a single pair of their shoes!

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Video: Hoka Evo Stinson Cut in Half Shoe Review

This is a video follow up to my original review that can be found here where I cut a Hoka One One Evo Stinson in half so I could see what makes it tick. The video shows a little more gory detail than the original posting and I bust out a ruler for some measurements.

Shoe Review: The Secret I Learned by Cutting My Hoka Evo Stinson Running Shoes in Half

Cutting one of my favorite and expensive (MSRP $170) running shoes in half was difficult but I felt compelled to do it in the name of science… and fun. Like most men, I enjoy sharp steel cutting tools, both electrified and non powered and applying them to new situations. You can imagine the glee on my 7-year-old’s face as he watched his old man wield the saw.

Running in Moonboots?

After doing several ultra-marathons I kept noticing guys bouncing along and floating by me on these cloud-like squishy shoes that looked like a cross between a moon boot and a running shoe. I wondered if the extra cushioning might ease some knee pain I had developed.

For me, going from minimalist shoes to these was like sleeping on a yoga mat one night and a Tempur-Pedic the next. I got the shoes pictured here, it worked and I was hooked.

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