First Look at 3 New 2014 Hoka One One Shoes From The Austin Running Event

Hoka One One is building on current buzz by releasing a number of 2014 models here on display at The Austin Running Event Trade Show. Three of the models coming out next year improve on their strong (and cushiony!) platform. Read on for a mini-shoe review.

2014 Hoka One One Evo Stinson ATR

Hoka One One 2014 Stinson ATA

The 2014 Stinson ATR has a completely redesigned upper that allowed Hoka to shave a full ounce from this mid-weight shoe.  This new upper appears to be mostly seamless with some additional structural/stabilization features in the heel area.  The tongue looks trimmed down and more comfortable as well while the tread of the shoe, although similar to the 2013 model appears to be a bit more sturdy and may be less likely to break down as some of complained about and as I have experienced.

2014 Hoka One One Bondi B3

2014 Bondi B3

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Runners’ Favorite Gear Submissions Surprise and Inspire

I asked a diverse group of runners across the country to submit their favorite pieces of running gear. What I received was informative, fun and surprising. Enjoy and please submit your own favorites at the end of this post.

Name: Jason Koop
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Link: @jasonkoop

Jason koop

  • Ultraspire Spry vest
  • Rice, bacon, egg and cheese ball
  • Injinji Toe Socks
  • Kathoola microspikes
  • Neutrogena Ultimate Sports sunscreen
  • Petzl Tikka XP2
  • Garmin 910xt
  • Eddie the trail running dog. He does about 80% of my runs as well as about all of the Hardrock course.

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Stash It In Your Sock: Four Simple Ideas To Go Fast and Light On Long Runs

One of the things I love about running is the simplicity and the general lack of gear that it takes to have fun. Shoes, shirt and shorts and you are out the door. Like many a gear head I’m prone to overdo it, especially on longish runs and begin to look like Star Wars Character with my running pack, holstered bottles and electronic gadgetry attached to my limbs. Here are a few tips to do more with less:

1. Stash items in your compression socks instead of bringing a pack

This sounds funny but it works super well. If I’m headed out on run that requires taking some of my favorite energy chews, I’ll put one or two packages in my pockets and one in each compression sock in the upper, outside portion of my calf. If you are wearing shorts without much pocket space this is also a great place to stash a credit card or ID. I frequently travel for business and on runs I’ve even carried rental car keys (why do they put every known key on the same key ring?) and my iPhone firmly in my compression socks.

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Shoe Review: The Secret I Learned by Cutting My Hoka Evo Stinson Running Shoes in Half

Cutting one of my favorite and expensive (MSRP $170) running shoes in half was difficult but I felt compelled to do it in the name of science… and fun. Like most men, I enjoy sharp steel cutting tools, both electrified and non powered and applying them to new situations. You can imagine the glee on my 7-year-old’s face as he watched his old man wield the saw.

Running in Moonboots?

After doing several ultra-marathons I kept noticing guys bouncing along and floating by me on these cloud-like squishy shoes that looked like a cross between a moon boot and a running shoe. I wondered if the extra cushioning might ease some knee pain I had developed.

For me, going from minimalist shoes to these was like sleeping on a yoga mat one night and a Tempur-Pedic the next. I got the shoes pictured here, it worked and I was hooked.

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