First Look at 3 New 2014 Hoka One One Shoes From The Austin Running Event

Hoka One One is building on current buzz by releasing a number of 2014 models here on display at The Austin Running Event Trade Show. Three of the models coming out next year improve on their strong (and cushiony!) platform. Read on for a mini-shoe review.

2014 Hoka One One Evo Stinson ATR

Hoka One One 2014 Stinson ATA

The 2014 Stinson ATR has a completely redesigned upper that allowed Hoka to shave a full ounce from this mid-weight shoe.  This new upper appears to be mostly seamless with some additional structural/stabilization features in the heel area.  The tongue looks trimmed down and more comfortable as well while the tread of the shoe, although similar to the 2013 model appears to be a bit more sturdy and may be less likely to break down as some of complained about and as I have experienced.

2014 Hoka One One Bondi B3

2014 Bondi B3

Hoka’s venerable road shoe, the Bondi B receives a nice update for 2014 with an updated upper as well and some changes in the structure of the sole as well.

2014 Hoka One One Conquest

Hoka One One Conquest 2014

The Hoka One One Conquest has already been written about extensively after it’s debut at Summer Outdoor Retailer and appears to be garnering no less buzz at The Running Event here in Austin. With the radically designed R-Mat foam cushioning to the monochromatic color way the Conquest is definitely turning heads. I’m looking forward to trying this out when it debuts next month.

These three models are the first wave of new shoes that Hoka is debuting and they should continue to increase Hoka’s agenda and fan base.

3 thoughts on “First Look at 3 New 2014 Hoka One One Shoes From The Austin Running Event

  1. Thanks for your Hoka post. I can’t wait to try the new Conquests. I hope they have more toe room than the Stinson’s though. Do you know if they plan to keep the Mafate? It’s the only model that doesn’t squeeze my toes! Thanks again for the great blog!

  2. ciao a tutti,dal 2010 sto usando le hoka modello mafate con il quale mi trovo benissimo,i primi modelli 2010 si usuravano molto velocemente poi sono arrivate le mafate 2 gia moltro meglio e adesso le mafate 3 piu pesanti e morbide delle mafate 2.unico poroblema del mafate 3 troppo soffici e suola che si usura velocemente.aspetto notizie di mafate nuova versione ciao.

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